Current members

Staff members

  • [we are looking for a senior postdoctoral fellow in computational statistics and genomics! contact us for more details]
  • Saritha Kodikara, postdoctoral fellow
  • Max Bladen, mixOmics support (part time)
  • Daniel Tien Phung, data analyst (part time)

Higher Degree Research students

  • Yidi Deng, PhD candidate, UoM, in co-supervision with Dr Jarny Choi (Centre for Stem Cell Systems)
  • Vinícius Salazar, PhD candidate, UoM, in co-supervision A/Prof Heroen Verbruggen and Dr Vanessa Rossetto Marcelino (Hudson Medical research institute)
  • Daniel Rawlinson, PhD candidate, in co-supervision with Prof Lachlan Coin (main supervisor, Doherty)
  • Davide Maria Vespasiani, PhD candidate, UoM, co-supervision with Dr Irene Romero Gallero
  • Isaac Virshup,  PhD candidate ‘Finding patterns of biologically meaningful transcript expression by examining heterogenous sets of cells’, UoM with main supervisor Prof Christine Wells
  • Eva Yiwen Wang, PhD candidate ‘Development of multivariate and integrative statistical methods to improve microbiome research outputs‘, UoM
  • Qinwen Chen, Msc Statistics by coursework, UoM
  • Guannan Yang, co-supervision with Prof Eva Dimitriadis and Dr Ellen Menkhorst (Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

We welcome any students and staff who are interested in statistical analysis of omics data and wish to attend our fortnight group meetings!


Alumni staff

  • Al J Abadi, Genomics Data Scientist
  • Katherine Lange, Murdoch Research Institute
  • Aleksandar Dakic
  • Zitong Li, Senior scientist at CSIRO
  • Florian Rohart  – now data analyst at NTI
  • Nicholas Matigian – now data analyst at QFAB Bioinformatics
  • Benoit Gautier – now teacher in mathematics in France.

Alumni students (PhD)

  1. Aimee Hanson, PhD candidate ‘Lymphocyte receptors: Genomic structure and role in immune- mediated arthritis’ with main supervisor Prof Matt Brown (QUT) and Diamantina Institute, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland
  2. Farah Syeda Zahir, PhD candidate ‘Obesity paradox: Exploring the relationship between adiposity and mortality in persons with Cardiovascular Disease and/or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus’, co-supervised with Dr Ahmed Medi (Diamantina Institute),  School of public Health, University of Queensland.
  3. Jasmin Straube ‘Development of statistical tools for integrating time course ‘omics’ data’  with co-supervisors Dr Emma Huang and Dr Anne Bernard, QFAB and University of Queensland.
  4. Ralph Patrick ‘Molecular interaction motifs in a system-wide network context: Computationally charting transient kinase-substrate phosphorylation events’ with main supervisor A/Prof Mikael Boden, University of Queensland.
  5. Amrit Singh ‘Blood biomarker panels of the late phase asthmatic response’ with main supervisor Prof Scott Tebbutt, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
  6. Chao Liu ‘Computational analysis of DNA repair pathways in breast cancer’ with main supervisor Prof Mark Ragan, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland

Alumni students (Honours and Msc)

  • Sibi Xue, Msc Statistics by coursework, UoM
  • Yinghua Shen, Msc Statistics by coursework, UoM
  • Mengqi (Chi-Chi) Hu, Msc Bioinformatics by coursework, UoM
  • Alana Butler, Master of Science (Bioinformatics), UoM, now research assistant at Monash University.
  • Nicholas d’Arcy, Nicholas Mueller, University of Queensland
  • Solange Pruilh, Zoe Welham, Vanessa Lakis, Priscilla Montfalet, Thom Cuddihy, Mourad Larbi, Jeff Coquery, Pierre Monget who did a research placement in our lab.