Current members

Staff members

  • Aleksandar Dakic – senior postdoctoral fellow, genomics data analyst, in collaboration with A/Prof Jess Mar (AIBN, UQ) and Prof Christine Wells (Centre for Stem Cell Systems)
  • Al J Abadi – postdoctoral fellow, software developer and computational statistics
  • [we are looking for a senior postdoctoral fellow in computational statistics and genomics! contact us for more details]

Higher Degree Research students

  • José Antonio Férez Rubio, PhD candidate ‘Computational analysis of gut microbiota-host interactions‘. University of San Antonio Catholic University with main supervisor Dr Vicente Navarro Lopez
  • Isaac Virshup,  PhD candidate ‘Finding patterns of biologically meaningful transcript expression by examining heterogenous sets of cells’, UoM with main supervisor Prof Christine Wells
  • Eva Yiwen Wang, PhD candidate ‘Development of multivariate and integrative statistical methods to improve microbiome research outputs‘, UoM
  • Aimee Hanson, PhD candidate ‘Lymphocyte receptors: Genomic structure and role in immune- mediated arthritis’ with main supervisor Prof Matt Brown (QUT) and Diamantina Institute, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland
  • Farah Syeda Zahir, PhD candidate ‘Obesity paradox: Exploring the relationship between adiposity and mortality in persons with Cardiovascular Disease and/or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus’, co-supervised with Dr Ahmed Medi (Diamantina Institute),  School of public Health, University of Queensland.
  • Alana Butler, Master of Science (Bioinformatics), UoM

Visiting members who participate in our lab meeting (anyone welcome)

  • Dr Amy Loughman, Research Fellow, Deakin University
  • Ms Geraldine Kong, PhD student, Hannan Lab (Florey institute)

Alumni staff

  • Florian Rohart – postdoctoral fellow, applied statistician, University of Queensland
  • Nicholas Matigian – data analyst, University of Queensland
  • Benoit Gautier – statistician, University of Queensland

Alumni students (PhD)

  • Jasmin Straube ‘Development of statistical tools for integrating time course ‘omics’ data’  with co-supervisors Dr Emma Huang and Dr Anne Bernard, QFAB and University of Queensland.
  • Ralph Patrick ‘Molecular interaction motifs in a system-wide network context: Computationally charting transient kinase-substrate phosphorylation events’ with main supervisor A/Prof Mikael Boden, University of Queensland.
  • Amrit Singh ‘Blood biomarker panels of the late phase asthmatic response’ with main supervisor Prof Scott Tebbutt, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Chao Liu ‘Computational analysis of DNA repair pathways in breast cancer’ with main supervisor Prof Mark Ragan, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland

Alumni students (Honours and Msc)

  • Nicholas d’Arcy, Nicholas Mueller, University of Queensland
  • Solange Pruilh, Zoe Welham, Vanessa Lakis, Priscilla Montfalet, Thom Cuddihy, Mourad Larbi, Jeff Coquery, Pierre Monget