UoM Women in Maths Day: 29th August 2019 + Update (pursuit article and radio interview)

The day will celebrate Women of Mathematics through a range of activities, including a networking lunch, a panel discussion, research talks, and an official opening of the exhibit “Women of Mathematics throughout Europe” at the University of Melbourne.

I will be presenting Florence Nightingale, a pioneer who has made important contributions in graphical representations of statistics, amongst other things!

More details about the program can be found here.



We had a great and productive day, with an interesting event, a radio interview and an article featured in the Pursuit journal.

With some staff from the School of Mathematics and Statistics we chose our mathematician heroine (article can be found here)



I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Myf Warhurst (ABC radio) the same day. The interview can be listened here.



We have met with Prof Sylvie Paycha (University of Postdam and creator of the exhibit) and are looking forward for her Australian mathematicians portraits next year!